Non Dairy Cheese Course

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The wonder of vegromages lies in the fact that they are made with few, easy-to-find ingredients that are really good for your health

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Vegromage Basic Course

Want to try a viable alternative to classic cheeses? This is the course for you!

Vegromage Advanced

It's time to get serious and explore the variety and the true taste and flavor of Vegromage!

Plant-based gluten-free desserts

Plant-based gluten-free desserts

Available soon
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It is always the right time to start taking care of yourself. Just start with some small gestures: Food, care of your Body and Spirit, a lifestyle that runs at a different pace. Vivere Distinto is the “place” to learn all this.

You can take our classes wherever you are and whenever you want.
You decide the pace!

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Eat right, Live better!

We start taking care of ourselves from nutrition. We choose fresh, seasonal foods that are little or no processed. We prepare our own meals by becoming aware of what is bad or good for us. Eating is nourishment, joy and also sharing. If we cannot eat a food because it is bad for our health, take it as an opportunity to discover new gastronomic alternatives to share with those we love!

The benefits of Vivere

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Stress reduction

Let's bring our lives back to a more harmonious rhythm by taking care of the three basic aspects. Food, movement, soul.

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Let's listen to our body carefully. Be welcoming and aware of how we treat it inside and out.

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Sharper mind

Respirare profondamente ci serve per ossigenare le cellule per un corretto funzionamento globale e per ridurre lo stress.

meditation, therapy, relaxation, yoga
Reduction of intolerances

Let's vary our diet as much as possible and choose organic foods to reduce toxin buildup that often leads to serious intolerances.

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Healthier living

Let's hydrate our bodies by drinking the right amount of water and eating fresh fruits and vegetables to provide minerals, vitamins, enzymes. A hydrated body is a healthy body.

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Increased vitality

Let's move every day by choosing the physical activity that suits us best. We will maintain healthy muscles and joints and good circulation and oxygenation. And we will have a great mood!

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Trainer e tutor of Vivere Distinto e Vegromage

FRancesca Brancaccio

Trainer e tutor of Vivere Distinto e Vegromage