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We are Francesca and Simona. Lifelong friends and great workmates. We love to eat tasty food and stay healthy
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The most challenging thing, for those who decide to follow a plant-decide diet, is to avoid eating cheese.
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Eating tasty food and staying healthy may seem like two incompatible things. Instead, taste and well-being go hand in hand! It’s all about getting started. It doesn’t take much. It starts with baby steps, constantly. Why should you consider Vegromages? We realized early on that the biggest stumbling block, for those approaching a plant-based diet, is to stop eating cheese. We are a country with strong dairy traditions, and giving up a food that is commonly served with many dishes can be very frustrating to some people, even if we do it for ethical reasons, and therefore a personal choice, and more so if we are forced to for health reasons. The Vegromages are just the beginning of this journey. We are sure you will enjoy the upcoming courses because they are designed to be simple, healthy, and achievable with just a few household kitchen utensils.

I'm Simona

I was a classical musician for many years until I got tired and decided to change course.
I created and managed one of the first vegan restaurants in Rome (first in the kitchen, then in the dining room) while devoting myself to teaching organic cooking classes with my association Ottimo Massimo Asd. I really enjoy eating and have always experimented with different dietary routines in an attempt to find the “perfect diet” for me, one that would make me feel healthy, and also ethical. I have discovered, with time and practice, that there is no such thing as the perfect diet. There are some general rules that apply to everyone, but for the rest it is up to us to create our very own personal lifestyle and notional needs. Nutrition included.

I hope with our online classes to share with you the necessary information to achieve a healthy, wholesome and happy outcome.

I'm Francesca

I worked for twenty years in tourism traveling all over the world and tasting the most diverse cuisines. A brief insight into catering, I arrived at the creation of my tailored Concept Store “Distinto Malorca”. Here I combined my passion for furniture with my passion for cooking.

We create events, exhibitions, cooking classes and activities one’s well-being.
The turning point in nutrition came when I decided to begin eating solely plant-based food.

Effortlessly transitioning myself towards that direction as my routine was leading me this way for some time. The health and fitness gain was confirmation for me that I was on the right track and that this was the better approach of cooking for me. 

 In Simona I found a valuable ally.

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